Envision is the first and only mobile app that allows you to apply artistic filters to your photos and videos in real time from renowned artists worldwide like Archan Nair and Chad Knight! You can create a one of a kind, showstopping masterpiece for your social media that will have your digital art stand out through Envision’s algorithm.

Easy and fast to use, choose a filter to apply to your photos and videos up to 60 seconds based on originals from three different categories: contemporary, psychedelic, and street. You can choose them in real time and use real world colors, or borrow the colors of the original artwork, to add extra dimensions to your creations. With over 30 artistic filters, the possibilities are endless!

Download Envision to have fun, create unique digital art pieces, and expand your means of self-expression through a new artistic medium!


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Over 30 artistic filters to choose from,

Envision App - Live Camera Icon


You can swipe through the artistic filters while having the live camera on.

Envision App - Colorization Icon


Turn on/ off the colorization from the art piece where the filter is applied from.

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Share your edits on your favorite social media networks.

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Choose from contemporary, psychedelic, & street art filters.

Envision App - Upload Icon


Use photos and videos from your own camera roll instead of using the live camera.


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